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Earth +30 is really about three simple questions, Where are we now? Where do we want to go? And how are we going to get there? On the surface that is pretty simple, but scratch that surface and it gets way more complicated. Join me in my conversations with people who are thinking, strategizing, planning and acting to build a better future. Perhaps we can learn from them, and each other, to be more effective and impactful.

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Dicky Shanor – Wyoming can change the world.


Occasionally you encounter something that acts as a catalyst for making a major change in how you think about problems, situations, issues, whatever. One afternoon I initiated a conversation with a guy, nothing unusual about that. He happened to be the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Department of Education of the State…

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12 – Jeff Gracer tells us what NYC is doing about our climate


Jeff Gracer is an Environmental lawyer, former head of the Environment Committee of the NY Bar Association and co-Founder of the New York City Climate Action Alliance. Not only does Jeff know a lot about the environment and our laws, but he knows how the system works and understands that we have all the tools…

11 – The Challenge of Water with Marc Robert


One of the most pressing challenges ahead is how we share our limited resources. Certainly one of THE most significant ones is water. Besides rising seas and oceans we find ourselves confronting a host of issues surrounding our water world. Who better to open our eyes to all things water than Marc Robert, Chief Operating…

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