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Earth +30 is really about three simple questions, Where are we now? Where do we want to go? And how are we going to get there? On the surface that is pretty simple, but scratch that surface and it gets way more complicated. Join me in my conversations with people who are thinking, strategizing, planning and acting to build a better future. Perhaps we can learn from them, and each other, to be more effective and impactful.

Recent episodes

09 – Tom Strumolo and Energy General


Tom Strumolo has been at the forefront of Energy conservation for longer than almost anyone thought about shortages, the environment, pollution and pricing models. He developed processes and models that we take for granted today. Though Tom works in what many now consider “Old School” energy his understanding of issues and potential solutions can still…

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08 – Jill Kubit – Dear Tomorrow


Occasionally one meets a person, or discovers an organization that makes you see the world a little differently. Jill Kubit, and Dear Tomorrow, which she co-founded, fall into that category. To Jill, the future is about your family, your friends and children. She wants to ensure all the people dear to her heart have an…

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07 – Steph Speirs – Solstice brings the Sun to all of us.


Steph Speirs co-founded Solstice, a company providing more Americans the opportunity to take advantage of clean solar energy. Did you know that in order to take advantage of solar power you have to have a FICO score of 650? Why is that? What are we doing about that? Once again we see ways that the…

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