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04 – The Role of Small Business

Tim Askew is an accidental entrepreneur. Having known him for over 30 years, Tim is an incredibly thoughtful, deep thinker, who became an entrepreneur in a very unusual manner. He sang opera, worked in theater, was a waiter, and a teacher. He is unlike anyone I have ever met and he has some valuable things…

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03 – John Grant talks with me about Food Waste

This was originally published as part of my previous site, America +30. Join me for an interview with John Grant, environmentalist, Harvard MBA and a long time consultant on Food Waste. A fascinating, compelling and totally engaged individual, John is a real treat for the ears and mind. He sure made me think about things…

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02 – What is going on with American Colleges and Sports?

Mike Doolittle was a member of a National Championship Harvard crew team. He is a photographer, writer and business consultant. Over the past couple of years Mike has been working on a book that explores the relationship between our American colleges and sports. As a former varsity college athlete myself, and a coach, we have…

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