The intent of this site is to bring together people interested in building a better, safer, cleaner, healthier and more respectful world. My podcasts highlight people trying to do exactly that. Their approaches are varied, subjective and incredibly interesting, at least to me. I admit that I am new to this podcasting thing. I am sure the first ones will be a little clunky, forgive me. I hope the messages are more important and powerful than the initial skill of the questioner. I promise to get better.

Listed below are sites and individuals you might find of interest. Hopefully, they entice you to join their organizations, read their books, listen to their podcasts, participate in related activities, invest in proactive companies, or attend conferences. I hope they inspire you to do just a little bit more.


Well Aware

Extinction Rebellion

New England Forestry Foundation

Smart Politics

Federated Conservationists of Westchester County

NYC Climate Action Alliance

Earth Justice

Future Earth

Global Goals

Climate Museum

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Green Party (US)

The Privacy Coalition

Center for Immigration Studies




Chip Spear