30 – Onaje Jackson – Ahead of his time

Onaje Jackson has been a leader and driver in the sustainability and environmental movements for over 30 years, working in the US, the US Virgin Islands and Central America, addressing issues well before most of us understood the scope of the problems our world was facing. Join my insightful conversation with Onaje. He will open your eyes.

28 – Susan Masino: The Brain Health and Forests

Susan Masino

My guest for today’s podcast is Susan Masino, a professor of neuroscience at Trinity College, who stresses the link between healthy brain metabolism and nature. I don’t think there are many of us who would deny that joy that one feels by taking a walk in the woods. However, Susan explains to us how and why we need that type of experience to maintain our health and sanity. Forests are not something to be exploited for purely commercial gain. Forests, and nature preserves are a necessary component of a healthy society, and planet.

26 – Keith Merron: Transformational Leadership, Part 2

Keith Merron

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 of my conversation with Keith Merron where we explore the deeper reasons why we face the problems we do in our modern world.

Keith Merron is the founder and Managing Partner of Leadership Pathways, an organizational consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping organizations and leaders achieve bold visions, and realize sustainable, impactful goals for tomorrow’s world. With a PhD from Harvard, Keith has spent 35 years working with small and large organizations in the private, non-profit and government arenas to achieve better outcomes. He told me that he stopped counting after he reached 400 clients. Keith wrote 5 books and numerous articles on human and organizational development. He has led hundreds of workshops and seminars for leaders. In a nutshell, Keith is an expert on Leadership and organizational behavior.

22 – Rory Varrato: The Extinction Rebellion Calls For Action

Rory Varrato is a co-founder of the NYC chapter of the Extinction Rebellion. He, and his organization, recognize that we are quickly facing a point of no return with regard to humanity, our place on the planet, and Earth’s climate. It is a crisis. The current economic and political structures are failing and we have…

20 – Sarah Evans: Dig a Water Well, Make Magic Happen

One Sunday I went out to lunch with my girlfriend. In and of itself, not such an unusual thing to do on the weekend, however during that meal, a friend sitting at a neighboring table introduced me to Sarah Evans. She very well could be one of the most inspirational women I have ever met.…