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09 – Tom Strumolo and Energy General

Tom Strumolo has been at the forefront of Energy conservation for longer than almost anyone thought about shortages, the environment, pollution and pricing models. He developed processes and models that we take for granted today. Though Tom works in what many now consider “Old School” energy his understanding of issues and potential solutions can still significantly impact our lives through cost savings and more efficient use of resources. Our conversation touches on buildings, homes, technology, data and the issue of climate weirdness. Listen to our conversation, pick up a few tips, then go make some changes.

About the author, Chip

I am a serial adventurer, an entrepreneur. a dad, a politician, an artist, an athlete, and a coach. I am always seeking to learn something new, something I do not know. I am also an owner. I have had enough. It is time for me to take a more forceful stand. I am starting a war of sorts. A war to fight this infection that is consuming too much of our lives. I will do EVERYTHING I can to bring people together to think bigger, wider, higher and lower. I cannot stand the ignorance and fear that is guiding too much of the world around us. I ask you to join me. Let's partner together to build something that will stand against all the anger.

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