15 – Sara Goddard and Rye Sustainability Committee (FCWC Part 2 sort of)

Sara Goddard is a local activist residing in Rye, NY. She organized and led an effort to eliminate single use bags in her town, being instrumental in forming the Rye Sustainability Committee. Getting rid of plastic bags and drastically reducing paper bags is certainly an admirable accomplishment. What is even more remarkable is that way she went about achieving her goal. She put together a strong coalition of partners and methodically developed an effective, and exceedingly efficient plan to realize her, and her groups goal. She worked closely with myriad people throughout the town to build consensus and a concrete, practical approach. Her message, and strategy, are ones we all can use to be more effective advocates for positive change. Join me in a most wonderful conversation.

Update: Sara recently started a fabulous blog focused on a sustainable lifestyle. I strongly urge you to check it out: https://greenthatlife.com/

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I am a serial adventurer, an entrepreneur. a dad, a politician, an artist, an athlete, and a coach. I am always seeking to learn something new, something I do not know. I am also an owner. I have had enough. It is time for me to take a more forceful stand. I am starting a war of sorts. A war to fight this infection that is consuming too much of our lives. I will do EVERYTHING I can to bring people together to think bigger, wider, higher and lower. I cannot stand the ignorance and fear that is guiding too much of the world around us. I ask you to join me. Let's partner together to build something that will stand against all the anger.

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