17 – Roland Bopp – International Executive and Political Savant

Roland Bopp, is an international businessman. A German-American, he has lead multiple companies, many based in Europe and Russia. Though living in the US, Roland spends much of his time traveling and working in Europe. After meeting at a friend’s wedding and having a great conversation over dinner, I have gotten to know him much better and have found his insights and knowledge of Europe, Germany, and Russia to be both broad and deep. Though I read about international politics and business extensively, Roland opened my eyes to so much more than I knew. Traveling far beyond the typical talking heads and writers he paints a much more interesting and personal view of what is happening in Europe, Russia and the wider world. I hope you enjoy and learn as much as I did.

About the author, Chip

I am a serial adventurer, an entrepreneur. a dad, a politician, an artist, an athlete, and a coach. I am always seeking to learn something new, something I do not know. I am also an owner. I have had enough. It is time for me to take a more forceful stand. I am starting a war of sorts. A war to fight this infection that is consuming too much of our lives. I will do EVERYTHING I can to bring people together to think bigger, wider, higher and lower. I cannot stand the ignorance and fear that is guiding too much of the world around us. I ask you to join me. Let's partner together to build something that will stand against all the anger.

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