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11 – The Challenge of Water with Marc Robert

One of the most pressing challenges ahead is how we share our limited resources. Certainly one of THE most significant ones is water. Besides rising seas and oceans we find ourselves confronting a host of issues surrounding our water world. Who better to open our eyes to all things water than Marc Robert, Chief Operating…

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10 – Jo Child and Political Biology

Dr. Jo Child runs an ER unit in a hospital in Sant√© Fe, New Mexico. He was a Philosophy major in college and is exceedingly well read in sociology, psychology and literature. He is a good friend and former neighbor of Mike Doolittle, who I interviewed on a previous podcast about Education and Sports in…

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09 – Tom Strumolo and Energy General

Tom Strumolo has been at the forefront of Energy conservation for longer than almost anyone thought about shortages, the environment, pollution and pricing models. He developed processes and models that we take for granted today. Though Tom works in what many now consider “Old School” energy his understanding of issues and potential solutions can still…

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